2 comments on “37 Years Later, and I Still Haven’t Learned…or Have I?

  1. You’ve taught me many things as I’ve grown up that have shaped who I am personally and professionally and I am proud to be following in your professional footsteps. The natural knack for claims handling is obviously in the blood but you taught me the importance of applying the golden rule to every case and every person I came in contact with. Now I have the honor of helping you spread that knowledge and passion to others through our training. But besides treating people right, probably the biggest thing I’ve learned and come by naturally from you is that same stubbornness. That is what has given me the ability to overcome anything life throws at me. It got me through some pretty rough times in my career (when I could have said “screw this $h!t” and just quit) and it’s that same hard-headedness that allowed me to go from being an overweight, lazy and completely non-athletic teenager and college kid to a now 3 time Tough Mudder veteran and 1st degree CrossFight black belt who can deadlift 250lbs! I know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to because of what you’ve taught me. Now I can only hope that, as you made this journey to return to your glory days, maybe I’ve even taught you a thing or two? 🙂


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