Welcome to AE21.  If you’ve taken the time to check us out, then it’s important for you to know that AE21 is not just another “me, too!” consulting firm.  With AE21, there is a defining difference.

JimResizedThe 1990’s will forever be known as the era of “re-engineering” and a time when nearly all existing business practices were tested against new expectations of efficiency and effectiveness.  These new expectations brought tremendous improvements in service, productivity and profitability; yet out of these beliefs also developed a perception that processes or procedures categorized as old or “the way we always did it” were no longer valid — no longer necessary.  This was a mistake…

Now, as the insurance industry and practice of claims evolves, it is critical that we not forget those “best practices” that were developed over a century of industry growth, seek to understand their purpose, and then gauge their effectiveness against today’s goals and objectives.  Rather than “throw the baby out with the bath water”, it is important that with new processes and procedures, we remain connected to the best of what traditional practices produced.

We believe that in order to give the proper counsel or advice, it is important to remain connected with the front line forces on whose shoulders the responsibility for achieving claims’ objectives rests.  At AE21 we believe in leading by
example, advocating and delivering to every client the highest levels of claims service in support of their loss management goals and objectives, with the knowledge and experience of having “been there and done that”.  Whether it’s leading catastrophe teams in the wake of hurricanes like Katrina, Ike, or ‘Superstorm’ Sandy, assisting valued clients in the adjustment of a complex workers’ compensation claims, our experts remain “close to the fire”, often participating in the actual delivery of claim services when requested, particularly in challenging situations.

With AE21’s consulting expert services, you are guaranteed the best of what is available on the market today, for a price you can definitely afford.  Need proof?  Just ask our clients!

AE21 Online represents the knowledge and experience of more than 80 years of claims professionalism, all founded upon a passionate belief in the role that adjusters play in our rapidly evolving society.  Yet as the insurance industry and corporate America continues to evolve, so does the job of the adjuster.  We must not forget the historical doctrines and claims practices that brought us to where we are today, acknowledge the dynamics of continuous learning in a rapidly changing world, and dedicate ourselves to passing those principles and practices on to each successive generation of adjusters.

JJezJimResizedIt is to this end that claims veterans Jim Greer (Tampa) and Jim Jez (Dallas) have commited themselves to the development of the most comprehensive adjuster licensing, training and continuing education programs…programs that have proven successful for more than a decade through their proprietary claims curriculum, “The Making of a Claims Professional®”.

Through its interactive, adjuster-specific reinforced-learning experience, AE21 Online offers programs covering all lines of claims business — through courses that are interesting, relevant, and developed in an effective, user-friendly format — guaranteed to satisfy the needs and wants of adjusters, claims professionals, and their employers everywhere.  Now anyone, anywhere, can benefit from generations of experience in adjuster training and professional development through access to real-world training in claims practices that have shaped the best the insurance industry has to offer.

For more information on AE21 Online and the vast repertoire or online licensing, training and continuing education courses available today, click here:  AE21 Online

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