Authors & Contributors

James W. Greer, CPCU
Jim’s experience spans thirty-three years in insurance claims adjusting and leadership.  His career began in South Louisiana as a multiline adjuster with Aetna Life & Casualty. His tenure with Aetna took him from Louisiana to their Home Office in Hartford, CT to Florida in various supervision and management positions.  In 1997, he founded AE21 Incorporated where he currently provides expert witness, consulting and audit, and claims training and education through AE21 Online.

Under his leadership and guidance, AE21 and AE21 Online became the first provider in Florida history to author and produce state-approved online continuing education programs for Florida’s licensed claims professionals, a state-approved online adjuster licensing program, and online public adjuster-specific continuing education programs.  Additional accomplishments include publication of the “Top Ten Indicators of Best Claims Practice”, in the February 2007 edition of Claims Magazine, and engagement as Contributing Editor of the Florida Workers’ Compensation Handbook, published by LexisNexis and Matthew Bender Publishing Co.  Click here to read more.

James A. Jez, SCLA, AIC
Jim’s experience spans thirty years in the Property & Casualty claims insurance industry.  During that time he has held various field, home office and staff management positions within the Aetna, Hanover and Travelers Insurance Claim Departments.  Since retiring from Travelers in 2011, Mr. Jez has been actively involved in the professional development and performance of insurance claims professionals.  As founder of JEZ Insurance Consulting Company, he provides insurance claim training and direction on adjuster licensing, continuing education and industry best practices.

In 2012 Jim joined AE21 Online as Regional Vice President of AE21’s Western Region market.  Jim leads in the development and delivery of online licensing, training and continuing education.   Click here to read more.

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