Our Mission

tornado-smallIt was more than 33 years ago that I was introduced to, and fell in love with, the adjusting profession — and it was indeed considered a profession in those days.  Over the years I have had the greatest pleasure meeting and getting to know others , both older and younger, who have shared the same passion for adjusting and the interests we serve.

withclmtThese men and women — all of whom I’ll shall from this point on refer to as “The ClaimsMasters” — have spent their lives taking pride in their ability to help those in need while guarding the resources of the insurance industry in order that it may continue also respond to others who face financial loss from accident or peril.

But like all things, our society and its needs and expectations continues to change, and with that change our industry continues to evolve.  As a new generation of adjusters begins to take our places, they will face many of the same challenges that we faced, as well as many that we never would have dreamed of encountering.  It is our job — nay, our responsibility — to help guide this new generation by assisting in their training and professional development and bring forth many of the perspectives gained and lessons learned that we our experience has given us.  With a little luck, perhaps they will keep the commitment and mission of claims alive and flourishing for all of us, our society, and future generations of adjusters.

The authors and contributors who share their perspectives, musings, and lessons learned through the stories they tell are an invaluable source of information.  We encourage all who seek to increase their knowledge, understanding, and skill in the adjusting profession to feel free to contact these “Claims Masters”.  For many of us, it’s our way of “giving back”.

James W. Greer, CPCU

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